What products are available at the Prom Coast Food Collective?

Delicious meats: 

Colin and Sally's Organic Lamb and Beef

Mirboo Pastured Poultry (chicken)

Amber Creek Farm (pork)

Finmaw Farm  (lamb)

Tarago Valley (beef)

Gippy Ducks (pastured duck)


Dairy produce and eggs:

Tarago Valley (cheese, yoghurt and milk)

Flock, Stock and Basil ( chicken eggs)

Ruby Hills Organic (chicken eggs)

Prom Country Cheese (cheese)

Butterfly Factory (milk, butter, yoghurt, cream)

Fresh vegetables, fruits and plant-based products:

Finmaw Farm (certified organic vegetables)

Thorpdale Organics (certified organic vegetables), seasonal

Mirboo Farm (garlic)

Fish Creek Mount of Olives (olive oil)

Hazeldean Forest Farm (fruit)

Sunrise Organic Flowers (organic cut flowers)

Flock, Stock and Basil (vegetables)

Waterwheel Orchard (berries)

And also...

Blue Tree Honey Farm (honey, jams and preserves)

Oak and Swan Sourdough (breads, flours, muesli, crackers)

Barany Naturals (natural handmade soaps, body products)

Wild Earth Mother (ferments)

Gippsland  Gourmet Pies

Tonemade (organic dried bone broth)

Vanilla Australia (organic vanilla beans)

Jasper Coffee (organic, Fair Trade coffee)

Gippsland Jersey (butter)

Phil-Fresh Farm (fresh pasta)

Hocus Crocus Saffron

Trulli Woodfired Pizza