Meet our producers:

These small-scale farmers and makers of the South Gippsland and Bass Coast region are true stewards of the land, treating their animals, soil and produce with respect.

Food produced by people that you can get to know tastes better.

We promise.

Amber Creek Farm
Amber Creek Farm Daniel and Amelia Bright grow high quality pasture raised pork using a rotational cell grazing system they have developed on their farm at Fish Creek.
At Amber Creek Farm we practice ethical and regenerative farming. The cell grazing system means the pigs always have access to fresh pasture or crops, which has many benefits including soil improvements and very importantly outstanding meat quality.
Colin and Sally's Lamb and Beef
Colin and Sally’s Organic Lamb and Beef. A certified organic, completely grass-fed farm in the beautiful Strzelecki Ranges in South Gippsland. Colin and Sally started selling their organic meat direct to the public in 2013, and in 2017 made the decision to sell their produce through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). They believe that small-scale farming is essential to the future of regenerative agriculture and for the preservation of vibrant communities and local economies.
Tarago Valley
Targo Valley are a proud farming family, and passionate about their farming ideals and providing healthy products that carry no negative effects to the environment and consumers. Dairy beef, and 100% grass-fed products such as quark, yoghurt, cheeses are just some of the deliciousness. They run a small herd, use no antibiotics and bobby calves are grown out to maturity.
Butterfly Factory
Butterfly Factory milk is sourced from dairy farmer, Rob Monk at Poowong East. His Fleckvieh cows are milked once a day and fed no grain nor silage. No superphosphate, potassium or sodium is applied. We do not homogenise the milk but batch pasteurise and wash and re-use glass bottles for the milk and jars for the yoghurt, which is pot set, cream at the top. Only cultures are added. Photo Credit: The Weekly Times
Flock, Stock & Basil
Anna and Chris produce pasture-raised eggs and chemical-free vegetables near the coast in Tarwin Lower. Combining old-school traditional farming methods and modern soil science, they run a holistic operation with a focus on ethical, regenerative agriculture, where hand-tools and the natural inclinations of animals do the work of machines
Wild Earth Mother
High in the hills of the Strzelecki Ranges there’s a kitchen brewing up bubbling creations of wild fermented probiotic goodness.
Wild Earth Mother began when Narelle discovered the benefits of fermented foods after a serious illness. Naturally adding probiotics to your gut microbiome, the improvements to your health and wellbeing are fast and impressive.
“My friends say I’m like a mad scientist! I’ll try to ferment anything!”
Blue Tree Honey Farm
Enjoy a beautiful drive out to Dumbalk just five minutes from Meeniyan in the South Gippsland region of Victoria. Our farm gate cafe is on the Tarwin River overlooking the stunning valley. Indulge in a Devonshire tea, try the many varieties of honey on the tasting table and enjoy the tranquility of country life on the farm. All jams are home-made on site. Our unique live indoor observation beehive is a must see for the whole family.
Sunrise Organic Flowers
At Sunrise Organic Flowers, beauty and sustainability go hand in hand - an ethical, alternative for cut-flower lovers. Our summer flowering beauties and indigenous treasures are all field grown on our certified organic farm. No toxic sprays, heavy machinery or excess nutrients to disturb the delicate ecological balance – just us, compost and nature.
Mirboo Farm Garlic
Mirboo Farm has developed a distinctive range of garlic cultivars grown herbicide-free in the fertile soil of the Strzelecki Ranges. We plant Monaro Purple and a local award-winning variant, Foster Purple, a gold medal winner in 2016. Garlic lovers relish the hot, lasting flavour of our creoles, Spanish Roja and Rojo de Castro. Our garlic is grown with care for the soil and love of the product. We share a passion for local produce and enjoy being part of the PCFC.
Barany Naturals
Barany Naturals is a family run business, located in the beautiful South Gippsland region of Victoria and was born out of a necessity to rid the family home of chemicals. Fred and Jasmine pride themselves on offering all-natural, premium quality products that are chemical free, nourishing to your hair, body and skin, and soothing to your soul.

Barany Naturals' products have been lovingly hand crafted, using only the finest quality natural raw ingredients.
Finmaw Farm is situated in the picturesque hills of Mardan South. We are a small scale, family run, NASAA certified organic farm. We grow a variety of fruit and vegetables using minimal tillage methods which protect and build healthy soil structure. Our Red Poll beef cattle and Dorper lambs are grass fed. We produce ethically grown, quality food which is healthy, tasty and chemical free and has been nurtured with great care.
Oak and Swan Sourdough
Oak and Swan Sourdough is a small, family owned, wood fired organic bakery. We make naturally leavened sourdough breads from flour milled in the bakery. Our stone mill grinds the grains slowly, retaining precious nutrients, vitamins, enzymes, fibre and flavour, ensuring our bread not only tastes delicious but is good for you too! Each loaf is slow fermented and shaped carefully by hand before being baked on the hearth of the wood fired oven.
Mirboo Pastured Poultry
Our chickens are grown in the fertile farmland of Mirboo North, in the heart of the Strzelecki ranges in Gippsland, Victoria. We mix and mill our own feed, so we know it has no added chemicals – no added hormones, arsenic or antibiotics. We apply the Joel Salatin ‘pastured poultry’ method to raise the chickens. Once fully feathered they are free to forage in mobile enclosures on green pasture.
Thorpdale Organics
Tony and Wendy grow a range of seasonal certified organic vegetables all year round in the rich, red volcanic soil at Thorpdale, West Gippsland.  They sell direct to the public every day of the year, from 8am until dusk at their farm gate outlet, "The Little Green Shed".  
When quantities are in abundance, they also supply the Prom Coast Food Collective, selected local retailers and organic vegetable box schemes.
Fish Creek Mount of Olives
Fish Creek Mount of Olives is a 100% Australian owned company, one of the best groves in Australia, with a total of 4000 Frantoio and Corregiola olive trees.
Fish Creek Mount of Olives is a family owned business located in Fish Creek. The 40 acre grove produces unfiltered, cold pressed and chemical free extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, as well as delicious Kalamata olives.
Prom Country Cheese
Prom Country Cheese is owned and run by Burke and Bronwyn Brandon from their fertile family farm in the hills of Moyarra in South Gippsland. Their focus is creating distinctive traditional cheeses in small on-farm cheese rooms, from their own sheep milk and milk from neighbors as well. They are involved in the entire process which is based on a sustainable and ethical natural farming system. The highest milk quality enables them to specialise in raw milk and a range of long-ripened cheese.
The Wine Farm
Neil and Anna Hawkins farm 7 acres of vines on their South Gippsland property, The Wine Farm. All their wines are made from grapes grown themselves using strict Australian Demeter Biodynamic principles. The Wine Farm is currently certified Biodynamic 'in-conversion’. They age and bottle the wines on site with no additions bar a minuscule amount of sulphur dioxide just before bottling. This lets the wines express the grapes and soils they hail from, while being fresh and vibrant in style.
Gurneys Cider
Gurneys Cider is a family-owned and operated business. The family's cidery has over 6000 apple trees with a range of heritage & cider apple varieties. Gurneys create distinctive Gippsland ciders that differ from anything you have tried before and are made using natural or 'wild' fermentation and are gluten free and vegan friendly.
Granite Bar Rosemary
We grow rosemary organically in the foothills of the Strezleki Ranges which we distill on the farm to produce rosemary essential oil and hydrosol (aromatic water). A small family affair producing high quality artisan products. Workshops available on request.
Waterwheel Orchard
We are a small family-owned orchard growing raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and kiwi fruit in South Gippsland. Our farm is in the process of becoming certified organic, which means we don’t spray any fruit on the farm. We pride ourselves on offering the best and juiciest fruits to our customers who can have full confidence in knowing it is farm-fresh and locally grown.
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Granite Bar Rosemary

We grow rosemary organically in the foothills of the Strezleki Ranges which we distill on the farm to produce rosemary essential oil and hydrosol (aromatic water). A small family affair producing high quality artisan products. Workshops available on request.

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